Fake Pest Control Service Company Operator Convicted of Four Felonies

A southern California man who impersonated a pest control service company operator and scammed elderly victims has been convicted of four felonies and faces two years in prison.

Eldad Syton was convicted last week in the Los Angeles County Superior Court of one felony count of burglary and three felony counts of theft from an elder. Syton was advertising as a pest control service company operator when in fact he is not licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board to provide those types of services. As part of his scheme, he targeted elderly victims and entered into contracts with them to provide pest control services. He would then convince victims additional work was needed and entered into larger contracts for work that was never performed. It is estimated his victims lost more than $350,000.

The conviction is the result of an investigation conducted by the Division of Investigation’s Chatsworth Field Office, Los Angeles Police Department, Burbank Police Department, Whittier Police Department, and Santa Monica Police Department.

The Structural Pest Control Board initially received the complaint about Syton and due to the serious nature of the allegations, the Board forwarded the case for criminal investigation.

Syton will appear in court on March 18, 2015 for a restitution hearing.

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