Southern California Physician Convicted of Illegal Prescription of Controlled Substances Awaits Sentencing


A southern California physician recently convicted of illegally prescribing controlled substances appeared last month before a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge and will face sentencing in October.

An investigation conducted by the Cerritos Field Office of the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Division of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Administration found Dr. John Dimowo, of Walnut, prescribing narcotics to addicts. During undercover operations, investigators pretended to be patients and Dimowo wrote them prescriptions of Vicodin, Xanax and Adderall without conducting examinations.  He wrote prescriptions for investigators that had no legitimate need for the drugs.

In December 2013, a judge ordered that Dimowo’s ability to issue prescriptions be restricted as a condition of his bail.  Dimowo was re-arrested in April 2015 after investigators found that he was still prescribing drugs in violation of the court order.   On April 22, 2015 a Superior Court Judge issued an order restricting Dimowo’s practice in that he must cease the practice of medicine and turn over all prescription pads to investigators.

Dimowo was convicted last month of seven felonies and scheduled to appear in court for sentencing on October 23, 2015.