About Us


The Department of Consumer Affairs’ Division of Investigation (DOI) is a law enforcement agency that protects California consumers and licensees by investigating violations of California’s laws, regulations and professional standards.


To provide exemplary law enforcement investigative services to protect consumers.


To be the premier law enforcement consumer protection agency.


Consumer Protection, Commitment, Employee Development, Integrity, Leadership and Professionalism

Who We Are, What We Do

Established in 1961, DOI provides law enforcement investigative services for the boards, bureaus, programs, committees, and commissions within the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA).

DOI’s field offices consist of four units. The Health Quality Investigation Unit, the Investigation and Enforcement Unit, the Cannabis Enforcement Unit and the Special Operations Unit all provide specialized, investigative services to DCA.

All DOI peace officers are authorized to conduct criminal and administrative investigations, obtain and execute search warrants, and make arrests anywhere in California.

DOI investigations include:

  • Prescription fraud/narcotics theft
  • Unlicensed activity
  • Illegal practice of medicine
  • Wrongful death
  • Patient abuse
  • Identity theft
  • Sexual misconduct
  • False advertising
  • Fraud
  • Underground economy
  • Assault
  • Incompetent/negligent care

DOI investigators use a variety of investigative tools including:

  • Undercover operations
  • Search warrants and subpoenas
  • Working with allied law enforcement agencies/task forces
  • Computer forensics analysis