Southern California Physician Convicted of Illegal Prescription of Controlled Substances Awaits Sentencing


A southern California physician recently convicted of illegally prescribing controlled substances appeared last month before a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge and will face sentencing in October.

An investigation conducted by the Cerritos Field Office of the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Division of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Administration found Dr. John Dimowo, of Walnut, prescribing narcotics to addicts. During undercover operations, investigators pretended to be patients and Dimowo wrote them prescriptions of Vicodin, Xanax and Adderall without conducting examinations.  He wrote prescriptions for investigators that had no legitimate need for the drugs.

In December 2013, a judge ordered that Dimowo’s ability to issue prescriptions be restricted as a condition of his bail.  Dimowo was re-arrested in April 2015 after investigators found that he was still prescribing drugs in violation of the court order.   On April 22, 2015 a Superior Court Judge issued an order restricting Dimowo’s practice in that he must cease the practice of medicine and turn over all prescription pads to investigators.

Dimowo was convicted last month of seven felonies and scheduled to appear in court for sentencing on October 23, 2015.


Doctor and Husband Arrested In Connection with Death of Patient

PrintA Thousand Oaks doctor and her husband have been arrested in connection with the death of an elderly patient.

Dr. Ellen Crowe and Paul McQuillan, who own and operate House Call Doctor Thousand Oaks, were arrested May 13, 2015 following an investigation by the Division of Investigation’s Health Quality Investigation Unit and the Ventura County Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit.

Investigators allege the death of an elderly patient was related to treatment she received from McQuillan – who has no license or official medical training, and Crowe.

During a medical visit to the victim’s home last July, McQuillan allegedly injected the patient with morphine and she fell into a deep sleep. According to investigators’ reports, the morphine was provided by Crowe and ordered by another doctor. McQuillan allegedly left the residence before a technician from another company arrived to perform an ultrasound. McQuillan returned to the residence while the ultrasound was being conducted, when he realized the patient did not have a pulse and called 9-11. The patient was resuscitated by emergency responders, but never regained consciousness and died two days later.

McQuillan and Crowe were booked into the Ventura County Jail and secured bail. McQuillan faces charges for practicing medicine without a license and illegally furnishing morphine. Crowe faces charges for conspiracy to practice medicine without a license and conspiracy to furnish morphine. Additional charges and an additional arrest are possible.

McQuillan and Crowe will be arraigned in Ventura County Superior Court on May 27th.

Read the Ventura County Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit news release here.

Investigation Leads to Arrest of Ventura Doctor of Podiatric Medicine


A Ventura Doctor of Podiatric Medicine has been arrested after an investigation revealed he engaged in prescription fraud.

Dr. Randolph Nordyke was arrested last month at his home in San Diego after an investigation revealed he was falsifying prescriptions and doctor shopping. The investigation was conducted by the Division of Investigation’s Health Quality Investigation Unit – Valencia Field Office, the Ventura County Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit, and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Investigators discovered Nordyke – who was reportedly retired from practice, wrote prescriptions for oxycodone in the name of a former patient and posed as the patient’s husband to pick up the prescriptions. Investigators also determined he was doctor shopping in Ventura County in an attempt to obtain oxycodone prescriptions.

The investigation into his doctor shopping is ongoing and investigators are also working to determine if there are additional identity theft victims.

Following his arrest, Nordyke surrendered his privilege to prescribe controlled substances. His license with the California Board of Podiatric Medicine was on probation prior to his arrest and may face additional administrative actions.

Nordyke will appear before the Ventura County Superior Court to face charges of identity theft, unlawfully prescribing controlled substances, forging prescriptions and burglary.

Read the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office press release here.


Undercover Operation Leads To Arrest And Felony Charges

shutterstock_125852813A southern California physician has been charged with a felony for practicing medicine without a valid license.

An undercover investigation into Foad Salehani, MD, by the Division of Investigation’s Operation Safe Medicine revealed he was practicing medicine illegally as he does not have a valid license to practice medicine from the Medical Board of California.

At the time of his arrest, not only did Salehani have an expired and suspended license, but he was also on probation with the Medical Board. The suspended license was for failing to comply with the terms of his probationary order.

Salehani will appear before the Los Angeles Superior Court to face charges. The Medical Board’s administrative case against him is pending.

Preliminary Hearing Scheduled for Doctor Facing Felony Charges

A preliminary hearing for a San Diego physician facing 24 felony charges has been scheduled for March 11, 2015, in the San Diego Superior Court.

Dr. Jeffrey Joel Abrams was arrested last November at a San Diego airport after the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office charged him with fifteen counts of sexual penetration of an unconscious person, eight counts of sexual battery, and one count of possession of child pornography.

The arrest was the result of an investigation conducted by the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Division of Investigation – San Diego Field Office. It is alleged the crimes took place at a medical office in El Cajon. It is also alleged that Abrams had 1,300 pictures of nude or partially nude women in exam rooms on his cell phone, including a photo of a minor.

The Medical Board of California obtained an Interim Order of Suspension last October which immediately suspended his medical license and prohibited him from practicing medicine in California, pending further administrative action.


San Gabriel Valley Doctor Faces Federal Charges for Writing Illegal Prescriptions

Rx photoDr. Daniel Cham of San Gabriel Valley has pleaded not guilty to federal charges stemming from allegations he illegally wrote thousands of prescriptions for powerful and addictive prescription drugs.

Cham was arraigned on 31 counts and is charged with drug trafficking, money laundering, fraud, and making false statements to federal authorities. He will go to trial on December 16, 2014.

The DCA Division of Investigation Health Quality Investigation Unit’s San Dimas Field Office assisted federal authorities on this case.

Read more details on this case from the U.S. Department of Justice news release here.


Physician Extradited From Arizona To Face Felony Charges In California

DOISACRAMENTO – Peace Officers with the DCA Division of Investigation (DOI) extradited a California doctor from an Arizona federal prison to face felony criminal charges in California. Pezhman Ebrahimzadeh, M.D., who also goes by Pez Abrahams, was transferred to California custody and escorted back to California on August 15, 2014. He will face charges in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Charges were filed against Abrahams after an investigation by DOI revealed he committed sex crimes against his medical patients. As a result of the investigatory findings, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed felony criminal charges against him.

Abrahams traveled to Arizona in an attempt to avoid facing charges and was fighting extradition to California. DOI and Arizona authorities worked together to ensure the successful extradition of Abrahams to California. A court date has been set for August 28, 2014.

DOI is the DCA Law Enforcement Branch and provides centralized investigative services for DCA. DOI designates investigators as sworn peace officers, who perform a full range of peace officer duties and responsibilities in order to protect California consumers and licensees by effectively and efficiently enforcing laws, regulations and professional standards.

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