Former Santa Clarita-Area Physical Therapist Convicted of Identity Theft

Joseph Amirian of Canyon Country, Calif., will appear in Los Angeles County Superior Court on September 14, 2018, for a restitution hearing in an ongoing case in which he has pleaded no contest to one felony count of identity theft. Amirian entered his plea and was sentenced in June.

The Investigation and Enforcement Unit–Chatsworth Field Office within the California Department of Consumer Affairs’ Division of Investigation led the investigation into Amirian, who was initially charged with six felonies including two counts of identity theft and four counts of forgery and counterfeiting.

Amirian was previously licensed as a physical therapist, but his license was revoked in 2015. Investigators found that following the revocation, Amirian continued to provide in-home physical therapy under the company name, “JA Services.” Amirian allegedly billed for the therapy by using the names of several licensees without their knowledge.

The investigation found that Amirian had been hired to provide in-home care to the patient after he presented his employer with a forged driver license, physical therapist license, CPR card, and malpractice insurance information that were all in the name of another licensee.

This case was the third time the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed charges against Amirian.

In 2008, Amirian was convicted of forgery after he forged the signature of a patient on a $5,000 check which he then attempted to cash. In 2010, Amirian’s physical therapy license was suspended for one year and placed on probation for an additional five years with numerous practice restrictions.

During the one-year license suspension, Amirian was found to have continued to work as a physical therapist by using the name and license information of another licensee. In 2012, he was charged with five felony counts of forgery and counterfeiting and five felony counts of practicing medicine without a license. He pleaded no contest to two counts of practicing medicine without a license and was placed on three years of formal probation in 2014. Following that conviction, Amirian’s physical therapist license was revoked, however, the Physical Therapy Board continued to receive complaints that Amirian was using the names of other licensees in order to provide physical therapy services.

Amirian’s disciplinary records can be read here: